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Earthly Meditations is a multimedia exhibition by Victor Kinjo with oil paintings, watercolors, photography,  collage, video-music and lecture-performance resulting from transdisciplinary research on identity and water. By  Through these multiple languages, Kinjo presents his artistic search for ancestry through his  diasporic experience as Asian-Brazilian, Nikkei, Uchinanchu indigenous (Okinawan), LGBTQIA+ for  dive into the waters that constitute every earthly being. 

Between the series “Autoethnografias”, produced in oil between 2012 and 2018, and “Rève Rios”, in watercolor, between  2019 and 2023, photographs, texts, videos, performances and songs mix with his work as a researcher,  composer and singer, which earned him a nomination for the 2018 Brazilian Music Award and the 2022 POC Awards.  

A native of São Paulo living on a farm in Biritiba-Ussu in the rural area of Mogi das Cruzes since 2015, Kinjo is  PhD in Social Sciences from Unicamp, post-doctorate from the Institute of Advanced Studies at USP and visiting  scholar at New York University, where he develops research on art and river regeneration in cities  global. 

A multi-artistic experience that promotes reflection on diversity, nature and planetary belonging. 

Purchase a work by Victor Kinjo by requesting the catalog via email

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