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Singer, composer, visual artist, producer and researcher nominated for the 2018 Brazilian Music Awards as Best Singer (regional) and for the 2022 POC Awards.

Born in São Paulo, he started singing as a child: Japanese music. Having started playing the piano at the age of 7 and the guitar at the age of 12, he was influenced by Brazilian, North American, Latin and European music from his father's record player and by pop music from the 90s. In his youth, he studied guitar, piano and singing in depth. , composed his first songs and performed at parties, festivals and cultural meetings.

His first album KINJO (Matraca Records/YB Music, 2017), produced by Ivan Banho and Ivan Gomes, was considered one of the 20 best albums of the year in Brazilian Music  (Embrulhador) and, in 2018, the artist was nominated for the Brazilian Music Award for Best Regional Music Singer.

In 2019, he released the single "Flores para o Coração da Gente", a Brazilian version of his poetic translation of the song "Hana", by Okinawan composer Shoukichi Kina", in a show at Itaú Cultural, with support from the São Paulo Japan Foundation. And he joined as a postdoctoral researcher at the Institute of Advanced Studies at USP with research on Culture and Regeneration of Rivers in Global Cities, with support from FAPESP.


The following year, he released his first book "Who are Mishimas?", by Editora Autêntica, the result of his doctorate in Social Sciences from Unicamp, in addition to several articles on art and sustainability.

In 2021, he released the music video VEM PRO RIO, recorded on an expedition from the source to the mouth of the Tietê river, directed by Andre de Souza and produced by Cinedelia. And he held the launch show on the boat Almirante do Lago, moored between the Tietê and Pinheiros rivers in São Paulo, with support from Instituto Navega SP, Secretariat of Culture and Creative Economy of the State of São Paulo, SABESP, AL, Sumauma Telecom, among other companies and organizations.

In 2022, Kinjo released his second album Terráqueos (YB Music, 2023), under musical production by Kastrup, João Antunes and Ivan Banho. With this work, he performed shows in Mogi das Cruzes, São Paulo, Okinawa, Tokyo, San Francisco, New York, among others. He was also a visiting researcher at New York University Tisch School of the Arts in the Department of Performance Studies, with support from FAPESP.

In 2023, the artist became Director of Água Viva Cultura e Sustentabilidade, a cultural production company that he co-founded with his partner, the artist and producer Eduardo Colombo. He was also a resident artist for the ADAM (Asia Discovers Asia Meeting) program, performing at the Taipei Performing Arts Festival.

2024 opens with his first solo exhibition, Meditações Terráqueas, which features oil paintings, watercolors, collage, video and performance, at the Centro Cultural de Mogi das Cruzes. And curated the course "Chang Dai-chien: art, water and the Garden of 8 Virtues", about one of the most important Chinese painters of the 20th century, who lived in Brazil for almost 20 years.


He is preparing to record his new album "Amor e Água". 

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